Verified Purchase Testimonials:

"I love the brand, keep producing! Keep the great job coming!" - Bobby V.

"Got my order, mahalo! I might have to get some more soon, these are dope." - Erik Chavez

"I love buying from Delight Brand Clothing because of the quality of their gear, and service is outstanding. I also love that I can wash them and the designs last a very long time. Delight Brand Clothing's designs represent Hawaii in a great way, the Aloha way." - Chris Dela Cruz

"Bought a bunch of your guys' shirts and I must say they're awesome! All in all you guys have been coming out with sick designs and looking forward to more to come." - Derick M

"Delight Brand Clothing has some, if not the best island brand of clothing out there. I'm from Cali and it's tough to ask people from my island (Guam) to send clothing from there because everyone wears almost the same thing. I like to be different and unique and DBC gives me that opportunity by dropping amazing amazing quality and unique shirts that represents the islands! Mahalo and Si yu'us Ma'asi." - Jesse S

"The brand is really great. I love the shirts and it makes me feel close to home when I wear the shirts." - Brandon M

"All my purchases have been perfect. I love every shirt, hat, stickers and especially my sunglasses. Definitely one of  my more favorite brands. People will come up and ask me about my clothes and some of my friends at school have days where we plan to wear Delight together. I tell my friends to buy from Delight all the time. From the beginning, Delight has been amazing and they're only getting better." - Marasia O

"The quality of the clothing is perfect, I've worn it many times and it hasn't faded yet. What I like about Delight Brand Clothing is that it's a local brand. Also, it's better than most of the clothing brands on the island because they are always stocked. Lastly, the designs are unique and simple, it's not over powering. That is why I like Delight." -Aaron U

"I thought that the package I got was sick! I liked the stickers and the glasses were also great! I really loved the glasses." - Alec L

"I feel comfortable using the clothing. I'm actually using the hat and tank right now :)." - Candace H

"I really like the designs, it's very different and the quality of my shirt is great." - Cameron P

"This is the best company for island clothing!!" - Ross B

"I have ordered a bunch of stuff and we are very satisfied :)." - Deanna P

"Just wanted to say thank you for the quick service & shipping out my order so quickly & I love all (3) items I purchased.  Mahalo, Kim"  - Kimberly Niles